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20 April 2012

ebook - Access® 2010 Bible

Access® 2010 BibleBook Title : Access® 2010 Bible
Author : Michael R. Groh
Publisher : Wiley Publishing, Inc.
Year : 2010
Language : English
Page : 1395
File Format : pdf
File Size : 29.01 MB
Free download ebook - Access® 2010 Bible. Welcome to the Microsoft Access 2010 Bible, your personal guide to a powerful, easy-to-use database-management system. This book is in its eleventh revision and has been totally rewritten for Microsoft Access 2010 with new text, new pictures, and a completely new and improved set of example files.
This book examines Access 2010 with more examples than any other Access 2010 book. I strongly believe that Microsoft Access is an excellent database manager and the best desktop and workgroup database-development system available today. My goal with this book is to share what I know about Access and, in the process, help make your work and your life easier.
This book contains everything you need in order to learn Microsoft Access to a mid-advanced level. The book starts off with database basics and builds, chapter by chapter, on topics previously covered. In places where it’s essential that you understand previously covered topics, I present the concepts again and review how to perform specific tasks before moving on. Although each chapter is an integral part of the book as a whole, each chapter can also stand on its own and has its own example files. You can read the book in any order you want, skipping from chapter to chapter and from topic to topic. (Note that this book’s index is particularly thorough; you can refer to the index to find the location of a particular topic you’re interested in.)
The examples in this book have been well thought out to simulate the types of tables, queries, forms, and reports most people need to create when performing common business activities. There are many notes, tips, and techniques (and even a few secrets) to help you better understand Microsoft Access.
This book easily substitutes for the online help included with Access. It guides you through each task you need to perform with Access, and it follows a much more structured approach than the Microsoft Access online help, going into more depth on almost every topic and showing many different types of examples. You’ll also find much more detail than in most other books on Microsoft Access.
Contents at a Glance
Access Building Blocks
Chapter 1
An Introduction to Database Development
Chapter 2
Creating Access Tables
Chapter 3
Designing Bulletproof Databases
Chapter 4
Selecting Data with Queries
Chapter 5
Using Operators and Expressions in Access
Chapter 6
Working with Datasheet View
Chapter 7
Creating Basic Access Forms
Chapter 8
Working with Data on Access Forms
Chapter 9
Presenting Data with Access Reports
Programming Microsoft Access
Chapter 10
VBA Programming Fundamentals
Chapter 11
Mastering VBA Data Types and Procedures
Chapter 12
The Access Event Model
Chapter 13
Accessing Data with VBA Code
Chapter 14
Debugging Your Access Applications
Chapter 15
Using Access Data Macros
More-Advanced Access Techniques
Chapter 16
Working with External Data
Chapter 17
Importing and Exporting Data
Chapter 18
Advanced Access Query Techniques
Chapter 19
Advanced Access Form Techniques
Chapter 20
Advanced Access Report Techniques
Chapter 21
Building Multiuser Applications
Chapter 22
Integrating Access with Other Applications
Chapter 23
Handling Errors and Exceptions
Professional Database Development
Chapter 24
Optimizing Access Applications
Chapter 25
Advanced Data Access with VBA
Chapter 26
Bulletproofing Access Applications
Chapter 27
Using the Windows Application Programming Interface
Chapter 28
Object-Oriented Programming with VBA
Chapter 29
Customizing Access Ribbons
Chapter 30
Using Access Macros
Chapter 31
Distributing Access Applications
Access and Windows SharePoint Services
Chapter 32
Understanding Windows SharePoint Services
Chapter 33
Integrating Access with SharePoint
Chapter 34
Understanding Access Services
Chapter 35
Deploying Access Applications to SharePoint
Access as an Enterprise Platform
Chapter 36
Client/Server Concepts
Chapter 37
SQL Server as an Access Companion
Chapter 38
Upsizing Access Databases to SQL Server
Appendix A
Access 2010 Specifications
Appendix B
What’s New in Access 2010
Appendix C
What’s on the CD-ROM
Download Link :
ebook - Access® 2010 Bible     -   (29.01 MB)

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